Mavado Apologises For Zimbabwe No-Show

Mavado has released a video on Youtube offering his fans an apology after his failure to make his Zimbabwe show which was scheduled for today.

He says he was unable to make it for ‘personal reasons’ and the official reason adds that this was because of the sudden death of his drummer 3-star’s mother.

There is however speculation in some quarters that the Jamaican head of Police is not keen on dancehall artists at the moment and some have had travel restrictions placed on them. Our source with links to Jamaica says that there are a lot of artists who have had the living daylights scared out of them since the new head came in. It is said that when she came in, she went straight after the top artists in dancehall, the first being Vybz Kartel who is languishing in detention on murder charges.

Mavado himself could face some jail-time following an assault charge laid earlier this year. The trial is expected to take place in May. However since the ‘gully god‘ was able to travel to the United States last week it is perhaps not likely that he is under any sanctions unless there are clauses that we are not aware of.

The fact that he and C&A have come out so early to make the new date means that he is genuinely trying to get here and not pulling a Beres Hammond.

Mavado is now expected to make perform in Zimbabwe on 27 January 2012. After this he had better on a massive show.

Watch the video of his apology below

If you are having trouble watching it follow this link to Youtube

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