Maskiri Releases Song Dissing Stunner [VIDEO INSIDE]

Zimbabwean rapper Maskiri has released a track in which he disses fellow rapper Stunner escalating the feud between the two of them.

The track, called Mhondoro has a gang warfare theme about it and features Nastro and Mathie.

It makes numerous threats on Stunner’s life and ends with a shoot-out at the end. The song is set to be featured on Maskiri’s Recovery album.

The feud came to light following a twitter bust-up between Stunner and another rapper Munetsi. You can read about it by clicking here.

Stunner’s response should be interesting.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about it.

If you can’t view it here, feel free to click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Sikekuro muzukuru

    Ha kutraya traya. You will get there guys. More projects. I cant judge one song. I need to see your continuity and consistence.

  • sorry skillaz, chizorora. i thought you would come back with something better but this wasnt! You cant dis stunner with this shyt track. Go back and try again, if you are gonna dis stunner you are gonna have to dig deeper my friend.

  • …hahahahahaha…….international standard!!!!

  • kudzi

    Weak as* lyrics, we need the old Maskiri back.

  • Farai

    Stupid childs play!