Mapfumo Says Winky D Does Not ‘Know What He is Doing’

Never one to steer away from controversy, Zimbabwean legend Thomas Mapfumo has in one interview called danchall star a ‘friend’ and then saying he does not know what he is doing.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio‘s Lance Guma, Mukanya also said that Winky D should sing in English if he wants to sell his music to the rest of the world.

Here is an excerpt:

Winky D is a friend of mine. I don’t care what he says about me, he is just a kid; he doesn’t know what he is doing anyway. But he is a good friend of mine. I want him to take the right direction and do his music so that he can be appreciated in this world.

Cause you know if you sing ragga music, it’s all about, that’s Jamaican stuff you understand. You have to do it the Jamaican way and you have to try and speak their language, which is Patwa and people will understand you.

This was my advice to him. I don’t know how he is taking it; he thought maybe I was blaming him for playing that type of music.

We are trying to spread our music all over the world, so today a lot of people are speaking English. You want to sell your music here abroad? You have to sing in English. This is what I told him, yah, because people wanna here what you are saying.

Most of these people, they speak English. Even the Chinese will ask you, why don’t you record in English? Of course singing in our mother language is not bad, like I do, we got mbira music that we play, you cannot sing that in English, yah, that’s something original and you cannot change that.

But when you go into this jungle, you have to change. Look at Lucky Dube. When he went into reggae music, he did it the right way. He was singing in English, so that the rest of the world, even the Jamaicans, they actually appreciated what he was doing because they could hear him, they could hear his lyrics.

It’s a good advice because he wants money at the end of the day. You want to sell your music, so if you do it in Shona, your music is gonna be very limited. It will be for the locals.

So in one statement Mukanya says we should export our culture and next thing we must get rid of our language to do so? By the same token, then Mokoomba who are now an international band shouldn’t exist. After all they sing in Tonga and the rest of the world can’t enough of them. Good music is just good music. We guess he would probably tell Zahara to sing in English too.

Maybe, American life is getting in the way of his reasoning a bit.

Read the rest of the transcript by clicking here. He also talks about President, Robert Mugabe, Philip Chiyangwa, when/if he will come home for a show and his friendship with Oliver Mtukudzi.