Maneta’s Devotion For Sale, Will Marry For Money

Controversial former Big Brother housemate Maneta Mazanhi says she would rather marry for money than for love.

She tweeted that she would rather be miserable in a ‘lambo’ and with shopping sprees in France.

She then added:

Speaking of which I’d rather marry for money, love is overrated. Those who say money isn’t everything obviously don’t have it. Money IS everything.

For the purists this will come across as a bit gold-diggerish and based on the way of the world right now, quite rightly, media has made us believe this is true.

But we come across many women who want a man to take care of them. So the more money you have – or have the potential to have – the more likely you have access to women like Maneta, and women less honest than her.

Should we think women should sell their devotion? We are not sure. Love is less tangible so we have no idea what it is. A woman can tell you she loves you because you make sure she is minted and lives  a plush life. She will convince herself of her devotion because she fears the option, living a humble life.

We don’t think people should be going around doing things for money. If anything the argument should  be a lot bigger than that. However, at the same time, when a woman honestly says she wants you for your money, you have to at least applaud her for her honesty.

Unpalatable as it might be…