Of The Maneta And Roki Fight In Big Brother Stargame

Social media went crazy last night over what Maneta said to Roki on Big Brother Stargame. So while we generally ignore the reality show, the newsfeed was just going on and on about it.

Some Zimbabweans even accused Maneta of being un-Zimbabwean. She has lost a lot of fans back home with some of the  administrators of her Facebook fan page even quitting which we find a little funny.

We are not saying that what she said was particularly kind but let’s face it, given the kind of reputation Roki has back home she was never going to be romantically interested in him. He tried his luck and it didn’t happen because she can read the papers. The boy has 5 kids with 4 women – allegedly –  and has been arrested way too many times.

The exchange between the two seemed nothing more than two frustrated people. Some of the details are not that interesting. She calls Roki a ‘boy trapped in a man’s body’ and Roki calls her stupid. Who cares? She talks about she is mature and drives a car.In her eyes Roki hasn’t. So what?

Now what we found interesting is that Maneta does not like Roki at all but she did not put him up for nomination because she felt that she had to be patriotic. She doesn’t like boy but because he is Zimbabwean she felt she had to back him.

It is easy to dislike her on many fronts because there is a huge #teamROKI camp out there. She said things about him that many took to mean she was dissing Zimbabwe.  Let’s face it though, Roki is not a really a poster boy for everything positive about Zimbabwe. The dude can sing and he can dance and he is a nice boy but in reality Maneta is reacting the way a lot of women back home react towards him. A lot of girls wouldn’t want him to touch them given his rep. She is reacting like one of those women and funny enough, those women are judging her.

But then again, she is a little nobody from Bulawayo with what some people called a funny accent.

That said, we think they both need to get laid. That is what happens when people are on drought.

Would be funny if they ended up in the same bed.

  • Thank you for the balanced article…however she was out saying zimbabweans are illiterate and that is why roki had to stand up to her..other housemates like DKB were also questioning Roki if what she was saying about zim was true…!!!

    • Well it will be interesting to see how it pans out. We don’t think there is much of a story here. She is trying out a strategy and it if it doesn’t work then fine. Some people try sex. She wants to be the ‘bitch’

  • Maneta needs to take a lesson or two on what being patriotic is all about. Yes Roki is not a good role model but he talks sense in BBA and he has proved himself through his artistic skills, not in bed though.lol

    • Well she said she voted for Roki because he is Zimbabwean even though she doesnt like him

  • ichbins

    what would be funny about them ending in the same bed?Roki proved he deserves to remain in the game.maneta should go home.i dnt xpect a 22 or is it 23year old 2 be bragging about how they can drive or note.we only xpect such from kindergarten children…and say wat she reacted the same way most women wld have..why do people want people to look down upon us?of all the places she cld say that crap she decided to say it on tv??
    and why is it the writter u either fnd thngs funny or intrestn?
    maneta shld simply go home and study hard..and yes she has a gwash accent mre like Ambivalence.i neva liked her from day one.bakulindile ekhaya twa:)

    • Why is what she said important? People say these sort of things in any country on any given day. We just find the reaction funny, that is all.

      • ichbins

        if she has that mentality in anyones correct senses no1 wll vote for her.beauty wnt get her anywhere.i got to agree wth Roki that she is studying stupidity.Maneta during diary session* when asked what she thought about Roki revealing his nominations she said, “maybe he was trying to ease his conscious”.CONSCIOUS,really Maneta!!..Law degree student with such bad english.Is she really a law student??

        • So you worry about semantics and not the conetent. That makes you feel very smart doesn’t it?

  • Blackqueen

    No matter wat pple sai i reali dnt see anything wrong that Maneta reali dd. you thnk Roki himself is a well set example..? No>> As much as thy are Zim representatives thy stil are individuals at e end of the day unless of coz you being fake and wanna be every character expected in Zim.. Facts hurt but you gt deal with them. so it’s fine with yall to sai accrdin to Roki, Maneta is stupid wc can not be reali proven but a fact known to every Zim that knws Roki hurts you most. reali pple are being pathetic bcoz Roki is a musician negative facts about him hurt more than accusations.. Na man.

    • We don’t think Maneta did anything wrong. She just happens to be less famous and from Bulawayo AND the fact that she is a woman is working against her. Some of the people hating on her don’t even know what she did

  • what maneta said is kind of stupid how can she utter such words to her homemate on tv.Marneta is proving to be a kid she cant handle the erant so she should go home and start concentrating on her studies.i am disapointed in her.