Could Maneta And Roki Be Disqualified Today?

News coming in is that Maneta could be in for it today after she poured bleach on fellow Zimbabwean Roki, which went into his eye, on Big Brother Star Game

The two had had a tiff earlier and after a row again Maneta poured bleach on the urban groover. As it stands she could be disqualified on the violence rule.  Violence includes provocation, goading, bullying and victimisation.

Roki is not exactly out of the woods because he could be eliminated on the same rule that saw Zainab thrown out of the house after she had been hit by DKB. He could be accused of having provoked her into the action after pouring water on her first.

If that happens it will make the already much-maligned Maneta even more unpopular at home as she will have cost Zimbabwe its chance of a winner.

Maneta and Roki have had a weird relationship since they met in the house.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know.

  • Thabana

    I knew it dis maneta gal is a devil I dnt lyk her at all she mst b disqualified plz