About Makosi’s Sex Comments On Star FM

So, fomer Big Brother UK contestant Makosi Musambasi was on Star FM’s breakfast show this morning where she made some comments about sex.

She said:

I want to tell every girl that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage… I made some mistakes…

Now surprisingly these comments have stirred so many emotions with the poor girl being called all sorts of names for making a comment on morals.

Makosi Musambasi

Makosi Musambasi said some things about sex on Star FM and people got upset

Yes, Makosi made a comment that is morally correct. Do not have sex before marriage. She is saying that sex before marriage comes with so much baggage and she would rather girls didn’t go through some of the things that she went through.

We all know that she did some of the most random things when she was in the UK. Look, she was young. She made choices she shouldn’t have so many people will question if she is the right person to be saying suck things.

The question though is, is she wrong? Is the fact that she made mistakes as individual in the past make her a person who cannot say something positive? Are so callous that we will not forgive her – not that she should even be asking for forgiveness – for things she regrets that she did when she was younger? Have we evolved into such animals that we cannot look past such bigotry and treat her as a human being, one of our own?

The response is hypocritical because we are pretty sure some of those who are saying she is not qualified to say things of that nature have probably done worse than the poor girl. The only difference is that she made her mistakes in public.

We say leave the poor girl alone. She said something that makes sense. Take those words and stop judging the person.

At least she is trying to turn her life around. Give her credit for that at least.

  • Nyandoro

    Ha ha, larry Kwirirayi, licking makosi’s behind? To what ends really?

    • It is a fact tho. How can we get worked up about someone’s past. It is not of real interest.

      • Nyandoro

        You do admit though that all those telling her where to get off are also well within their rights to do so?

        • Zimbad

          She is manipulating Bi….tch if she was still in UK, you think she would be talking like that???

        • No. What business is it for theirs?

      • Jackdee

        If u ah right , then we ah getting worked up bcoz u ah letting us discuss about someone ‘s past which as u say is of no interest ! Which makes her and her everything irrelevant , which inturn means u are insulting us by making this irrelevant issues news worthy to be on forum when, …. ‘ it’s of no real interest’

  • Gurl Please

    No she should rather say do not go on big brother UK without proper immigration papers, period. ZveSex come on, we know it wasn’t sex before marriage that turned her that way.

    • But what do her Big Brother UK exploits have to do with her comments on radio?

  • Boardhouse

    Makosi is in a better position to know whats right and wrong because she has experienced it , She made her mistakes and she is helping others not to make the same mistake.

  • foreignObserver

    Am I the only one who realises that you are giving her exactly what she wants but letting her white wash herself, paint herself as some reformed saint who is advising the youth and doesnt want to have anything to do with guys all of a sudden. Need I remind you she only changed her story after being deported from England where she was allegedly charging a fair bit for intimate services. now she cant continue her chosen profession here she plays the usual Ive reformed card hoping to marry some poor gullible fool. She is not the first to do this nor will she be the last. A quick tour of any church will show you lots of such cunning women. I honestly thought we all knew better by now than to take anything they say seriously. And as for her advice being good despite its source, lets not lie to each other people. Lets be practical and accept facts. In these days of HIV, digging your head into the sand and talking about abstinence is counter productive, every bit of research has shown it doesn’t work. Be careful, protect yourself and pick a partner wisely. And its quite funny to see an article about promoting abstinence being read, written and commented on by people who are not abstaining…

    • Does she not deserve the benefit of the doubt

      • foreignObserver

        I’m just saying, look at people’s possible motives for saying things like that. And please don’t get suckered into being one of those guys these ladies retire into a relationship with and end up regretting it.

  • gangham

    Stop letting her fool you. She hasn’t changed. She even uses women. She will let you worship her by name dropping and promising to introduce you to someone she knows you would like to meet and then she will get everything from you for free..hair, clothes, makeup etc and not stick to her end of the bargain. Poor fools. As for the men. I heard she is sleeping with hundreds at the time to get favours: cars, first class trips, talk show etc. This woman is more of a harlot than she has ever been so stop using god and morals and this persons name in the same sentence.