Makosi Returns To Zimbabwe

Controversial former Big Brother UK housemate Makosi Musambasi has returned to Zimbabwe.

She arrived on Saturday and we hear she is now planning to promote and reinvent herself through a lifestyle talk show.  At the moment this has been described as a visit but we know a lot of ex-diasporans who came to visit and could not leave.

She however said she was coming to reacquaint herself with her identity and roots as a Zimbabwean. It sounds like something of a cultural reawakening for the star who has always had trouble courting her when she makes the headlines.

She says she is now ready to leave the nasty business behind and reinvent herself.

Everybody loves a comeback kid story. She is picking herself by the bootstraps and deciding to do something positive and that is a beautiful thing and people really should give her that chance.

She shouldn’t take it for granted though.

With information from The Standard(Zimbabwe)

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