Makandiwa Willing To Walk On Kariba Water

Charismatic Zimbabwean religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa says he is willing to walk on Lake Kariba’s waters to shut his detractors up.

According to the Daily News he made this claim a few weeks ago before he left for the United States.

There have been a lot of people who have doubted his string of miracles and it seems the UFIC leader is willing to push the envelope just a bit so that people are convinced that he can make diamonds and gold rain from the sky.

Oh come on now, really now?

We suppose he is reading hardcore on these levitation tricks here.

We see you!

We are filing this under entertainment 🙂

  • ThisShiIsCray

    Magicians like Dynamo can do what Makandiwa does, I mean really it’s an illusionist using the church to make money, he should sit his silly ass down