Londoner Sports Bar: A Bit Too Vice For Me

I like to go out. And I go out a lot. I like seeing life out there in all shapes and form and especially where there are people who like being out there, sipping on something or the other- preferably intoxicating.

So anyway as it turns out I decided to pay Londoner a visit on Sunday. They have Jamaica night and I like dancehall, so, well it made sense. That, and the fact they have really competitive pricing when it comes to the imbibing stuff.

Packed it was and people were partying like, well, ghetto rockstars.

I was there for 15 minutes and there were three fights and the atmosphere was really aggressive. A bit too aggressive for me I’m afraid. It just felt as if someone was going to come up to me and start having a physical conversation that I would not be too keen on.

It came to a head when just outside, someone smashed a bottle on someone’s shoulder. I was like, naw, I don’t care how cheap the alcohol is here, I am out. Which is a shame because the music was really good.

I don’t know if I will ever go back there but with the stories that are coming from the place, I am not sure it will be anytime soon.

I may be a wee-bit street; Just not that street!

  • londoners fan

    i would say you are probably a bit of a snob. you cat make your conclusion on a place that you have been to on one night only… have you tried any of the other nights? different nights different crowds… and you probably just went on a REAALLLY bad Sunday cause i have never experienced that. bit of an exageration i would say, especially for all of that to happen in fifteen minutes?

    • True. May be a snob. But you make the assumption we have only been there once and only on a Sunday. They have improved, though.