Local DanceHall Lacks Quality – Mad Minox

Veteran DJ Mad Minox has been on Star Fm this after noon and said Zimbabwe’s dancehall scene risks crashing because the quality is not quite there.

Veteran Dj Mad Minox says local dancehall needs work

Veteran Dj Mad Minox says local dancehall needs work

He said there was too much of dancehall being released on the market meaning there was no quality control.

Minox, real name Godfrey Chafudzika,  also says that there are not enough of the dancehall cats looking at this as a business. While their music generally appealed to to kids between the ages of 9 and 20, the money spenders were left on the outsiders. This meant that the music would never make it outside the kids who do not have capital to spend.

He also hit out promoters saying they often exploited dancehall artists. He was critical of shows which had a billing of up to 40 artists saying that this did not help the artists in any way.

Minox, speaking on the TXO also said that dancehall was finding it hard to properly make it out of the ghetto, except in spaces where dancehall was generally consumed. We guess he is talking about places like Red Fox here.

Do you agree with him? Is Zim dancehall of a poor quality?

  • Mal Mupa

    On point.way too much trash being churned out

    • So what do you think needs to be done?

      • Mal Mupa

        It’s not just dancehall but local music in general.Radio stations have to set the bar a bit higher for what is playable on radio.Unfortunately I see a lot of conflict of interest , if the producers&artists are not radio Djs they are very close friends.Dubious state of affairs..