Live On Stage: A Book Cafe Memory

I was going through my catalogue of stuff and I came across a Book Cafe memory. It was in August 2009 and Eddie Zengeni of Eddie and the HotRocks was in Harare.

On stage at an Open Mic session at Book Cafe. Junior Banton and Friends were on stage. Then Eddie took the microphone and did a bustdown to a track that was already being played. Then I got on stage and flowed a bit too.

As a memory it is etched in my mind and soul. It will never be lost. It will be one of those things that will be a testament to what the Book Cafe was about. A cultural oasis. A place where some of music’s most magical moments were created, in beautiful spontaneity.

And not only is it something that happened live, it was crystallised and is on Youtube for posterity

So here it is. Eddie Zengeni and Larry Kwirirayi.

If you can’t view it here, you can watch it on Youtube by following this link

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