Laughs, awkward moments on a rib-cracking #Shoko2017 Friday comedy night

Clive Chigubu headlined the opening comedy night at Shoko 2017 in a show that had moments that prevaricated on the absurdity of a directive.

Clive Chigubu at Shoko 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chickosha for

Performers had been instructed to stay away from political jokes so there were loads of puns from the likes of Zambezi News, often edgy, sometimes awkward. The highlight was their campaign videos for the lead anchor role as well as clever puns.

King Kandoro who was the MC was dutifully entertaining, and his sets between the main acts were just long enough to be funny without taking away from the show.

The surprise of the evening for many was SP the One Liner who with a bit of polishing up will make for a great comedian.

All in all jokes which danced on the edge of politics got often reluctant laughs and sometimes expressions of something or the other. As well as big laughs.

Back to Chigubu who it seems has been chilled by his recent entry into fatherhood. His art has evolved at least in presentation to that of Dave Chapelle where there are lessons to be told. He has evolved as a storyteller and uses that ye-ye a lot less pushing him international standards.

And when he pulled the jokes out he was incredible.

Comedy night is headlined by South Africa’s Mpho Popps on Saturday and hosted by Q Dube. is a Shoko 2017 partner