Larry Hagman, J.R. Ewing On Dallas Dead At 81

Larry Hagman, who played one of the most renowned villains on TV JR Ewing in the 1980s hit series Dallas has died.

He succumbed to his fight with throat cancer. He had suffered from liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in the 1990s after decades of drinking. He started drinking when he was a teenager until a doctor told him in 1992 that unless he stopped, he would be dead in 6 months.

Hagman made famous one of the most cunning, scheming characters of all time, JR. The show earned him bucketloads of money some of which which he lost on bad oil investments before he went into real estate.

In later years he became a anti-smoking campaigner and an advocate for organ transplant.

As a memory, we will leave you with a clip of JR’s Golden rules, the rules that made him the villain he was, as he was seen by countless Zimbabweans Sunday nights on ZBCTv:

If you can’t watch it here, click here to view it on Youtube

One of the most memorable lines from ol’ JR:

You have succeeded in becoming a perfect failure
I don’t care about you or your happiness honey. I just care about me.
Never tell the truth when a good lie will do.

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