Lady Tshawe launches online TV show

Bulawayo-based poet, actress and vocalist Lady Tshawe is the latest to offer an online TV show as the space opens up opportunities for local creatives.

Lady Tshawe – Not So Funny

The satirical Not So Funny  is slated for Mondays at 6pm is a go at comedy satire. It is news based so expect it to be very current affairs and with good writers could be a real go.

It was created by by Taku Dzinoreva, directed by Tatenda Mkandla and produced by Fusion Media Group.

Having had a look at the first episode it is still early doors so naturally there is still quite a bit to work on, not least of all, the host’s comic  timing. Live audience as an element is brave to go with right from the start but we suppose she expected to benefit from her theatrical exploits to be able to do so.

mimie tarukwana

About that episode which debuted Monday (yesterday) Tshawe says:

Gilmore Tee was the perfect individual to come through on the debut episode. He has an opinion and is not afraid of saying what he thinks, but ofcourse with some sarcasm to the truth he will be telling. I have known him for a while and he just made it so smooth to go through the episode.

We will be giving it a look for a few more episodes before we give you conclusive thoughts on it.

Oh and there’s a band.

The more creatives we have, the better, we say.

Click here to watch the first episode

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