Kujeke Crowned Carnival Queen

Eighteen year-old Gamuchirayi Kujeke was crowned Miss Carnival Queen 2014 at a ceremony held on Friday going into Saturday at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Yvonne Nyamutsamba and Blessing Makumene were crowned second and first princesses.

The show failed to draw a large crowd probably due to people not really knowing about it. Most of the people were confined to the VIP section at the bottom with very few people in the balcony.

Dancers during Miss Carnival Queen 2014

Dancers during Miss Carnival Queen 2014

It was punctuated by performances of varying nature with sterling efforts from Cindy Munyavi, Sebastian Magacha and Smylie. Soul Jah Love and Shinso seemed to drag on for long – or maybe we were just tired. By the time reigning  Angeli Gomez gave her guest of honour speech many people had lost interest.

The car Gamu won, a Jaguar 'S' Type

The car Gamu won, a Jaguar ‘S’ Type

The ceremony was about five hours along which really isn’t fun but it had a few good bits such as the explosion of colour on the stage and the fact they were able to put an event of this magnitude together.

Is it an improvement from last year? Probably not. It was as long, a lot of the theme music was from Nigeria and we repeat, it was really long. They did start on time which made it weird that it ran forever. Also we might look at cutting the number of performances or their lengths.

That said congratulations to Kujeke and we wish her all the best. And to the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority well done for having the event at all. We all know what happened to other pageants across the country. It shows commitment and that is a huge thing in any venture that one undertakes.

This is not easy.

Quick side note: Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi has some cool dance moves.

And could someone stop dancehall artists from saying bomboclat on national TV/radio, please?

  • taku

    congratulations to Kujeke….and i also enjoyed the cool dance moves from the Minister kikikiki