King Shaddy’s Tribute To John Chibadura

Popular dancehall artist King Shaddy of Letter to Amai Huni fame, teams up with Mac Dee, UK-based Super Producer Jusa Dementor with the prolific Abra Simzz as Executive Producer to put together a tribute to the legendary John Chibadura.

Jusa Dementor, King Shaddy, Abra Simzz

Said King Shaddy:

If possible, musicians of today should unite to do works that benefit the families of late musicians and make the youth conscious of music by artists who played a major role in developing Zimbabwean music

King Shaddy also said that he intends to have show in Chitungwiza with other artists in memory of the late ‘Mr Chitungwiza’ as the late Chibadura was known. All proceeds from the show and royalties from the tracks will go towards the Chibadura family.

He was born John Nyamukokoko – Chibadura was a nickname meaning roughly “the man who can do”, or “the best” – to a couple of itinerant labourers from Mozambique in 1957 in Bindura. Though most of his life was spent in Zimbabwe, Mozambique regarded him, once he was famous, as a long-lost son and when in the country he would be ferried to concerts by the presidential helicopter.

In the the tribute song King Shaddy samples Chibadura’s first reggae song, “Zuva Rekufa Kwangu” (“On My Dying Day”).

Chibadura died on 4 August 1999

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