King Avry’s Love and Lyrics EP tracklist

Multi-talented artist King Avry drops his debut EP called Love and Lyrics this 28th September and he has released the playlist and genres in the set.

This is a follow up to his 3rd World fresh Prince Mixtape released in 2016.

Of this project he says:

This project is a musical adaptation of my life and all that surrounds me, song inspiration is derived from my personal experiences as well as those of my peers.

Love & Lyrics EP

  1. Ndoda/Good Girls – Produced by Mcknife – Afrobeats
  1. Kabhebhi Mcknife & D-Mic – Produced by Mcknife & CrayBeatx – Hip-hop/R&B
  1. Mukana  – Produced by Mcknife – Afrobeats
  1. Trapped/What If (Part 2) Rae Lyric – Produced by Afro Mendez- Trap soul
  1. Nyeredzi Mcknife –  Produced by Mcknife & CrayBeatx – Afrobeats/Trap soul
  1. Pressure – Produced by Mcknife – Trap soul
  1. What If – Produced by Squash beats – R&B/Dubstep