Kikky Badass gets accepted for university and we talk to her about it all

Rapper Kikky Badass is working on adding university graduate to her loads of awards after she shared a text message of her being accepted to a local institution.

Kikky Badass

Real name Christabel Mahlungwa, Kikky talks exclusively to about the acceptance and what education means to her as well as her rap career. What did you get for your a Level results?

History B, Divinity E, Geography X  I didn’t enter the exam because….🤣🤣🤣

We saw the Great Zimbabwe University SMS on your WhatsApp Status. You going to uni and what you studying?
Yes I’m going to uni . You’re talking to a student psychologist.

Will you still be rapping, because uni is busy?
Oh yes I’m rapping definitely. When you love something you will make time for it. I love social sciences and I love music .

Why is it important for you to get an education at that level?
It’s important for me to get education at this level because then I get to help other people through my career and I get to prove to the  people who think I’m a regular girl who uses her body to get what she wants. I use my brains. Beauty fades.

You are doing this, some would say, late in your life. What are your words of encouragement for those who are thinking of getting back to school later in their life?
It’s never late to go after your dreams. I know I’m turning 23, but I don’t compare my life and what happens in it with other people’s lives. Do what you love and never let people make you feel like you are supposed to meet their expectations. You can’t ever please them , so do stuff that will make you happy. People don’t matter , because most of them criticizing you are bitter, broke and broken. They use that to make others feel less than they really are , they turn them into mini ‘thems’, and I never give them satisfaction.

Well you can’t fault that.

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