KFC Zimbabwe Opens Its Doors

Yeah the long-awaited wait for the KFC Zimbabwe opening has happened

The locals had waited for a minute and half for the place, located at Sam Nujoma Extension shopping centre in Belgravia and now they have been opened.

PIC by KFC Zimbabwe

PIC by KFC Zimbabwe

They said this earlier on Sunday:

Good day Kfc family we are live and its happening ryt now thank you for being patient with us.

And the masses are excited. Pictures have been posted on the KFC Zimbabwe Faceb0ok page showing people walking out with products.

PIC: KFC Zimbabwe

PIC: KFC Zimbabwe

We’ll pay the place a visit soon and be sure to tell you about it.

  • Sijol

    Way to go Zimbabwe ….we have to get to par with the region and world at large !!

  • Samson_haana_mhosva

    Zviri kufaya zveshuwa pa Zimbabwe: we are even celebrating the opening of a single KFC outlet…signs of the times…hahahaha

    • re-a-list

      KFC was in Zim before if u didnt know they pulled out in our dark ages lol, It is not about celebrating one outlet but a reunion.

    • ChuckDB

      haaaa wadziya dhara…zhet chairo..hauna mhosva zveshuwa kkkk

  • Queues around the block for drive-thru and out the door for foot traffic this evening, but was very high quality, hope the standards are maintained, chicken inn was equally dead tonight on my way past. here’s hoping that the competition at least in Belgravia forces Chicken Inn/Innscor to up there game and really fix the highly variable standards they suffer from as even on there best day, Chicken Inn is no comparison to KFC (at least the SA branches) on its average days

  • Persona Non Grata

    Since the dark ages (2008 era) passed, almost everything had gone back to almost normal except we didnt have KFC. Now can someone bring us McDonalds??