Karizma Interview Part 1: MTv Shuga deals and his relationship with hip hop

A few weeks ago, from a car somewhere parked #3mobradio had a chat with UK based hip hop artist Karizma.

We share the first part of the interview which took place the night that Adrian Tate dropped his Ekeskuzu Me video.

On why he is around:

I am out here doing music business. I’m out here to do some videos for our new signees Adrian and Tytan and we just dropped the first one (Adrian Tate’s music vid)… but a swell as that doing my own music and catching up with my brothers Begottensun and just being home.

On the MTv Shuga deal:

It’s been a great blessing for me. I’ve been chasing synchronisation deals right now and I just happened to hit a home run with MTv Shuga. I actually submitted Shisha Pipe and they liked it. And the music director for the show asked me to send them some more to see if they could fit it in the show and it turns out they played everything else more than they played Shisha Pipe. I had seven records placed on there. It’s one of those things that you never stop believing in this shit… Shuga is on 130 platforms and I am gaining new fans.

On his relationship with hip hop culture:

I am tethered to this game. I have a love and hate relationship with hip hop because it isn’t everything I wanted it to be but it is everything in different ways.

Listen to the first part of the interview here. In the second part which drops on Tuesday, Karizma talks about the game in Zimbabwe and more.

Click here if it won’t play.

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