Judith Sephuma Faces Jail Time

South African songstress Judith Sephuma faces time behind bars after she ran over and killed a pedestrian.

Sephuma might be charged with culpable homicide after she allegedly fatally ran over a 79-year-old Soweto granny in Mofolo on Monday morning.

Sources say Sephuma ran over the woman at around 11am this morning. She examined the old lady who was bleeding before police advised her to go to rush the woman to Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital where she expired.

Sephuma then entered into the police station via a back entrance as she wanted the matter kept quiet.

When the woman died Sephuma wept uncontrollably.

A Soweto police spokesperson said that Sephuma had initially been charged with reckless driving and negligence. But the charge may be commuted to culpable homicide after the passing on of the pedestrian.

With information from the Sowetan