Jnr Brown Stirs Pot, Asks Which Track Was Bigger Than Mariia In 2015…

Jnr Brown is a man of very few words of late but in a Facebook post on Monday looks to have upset the cart a bit when he asked:

Jnr Brown Maria

Jnr Brown Maria

“so what hip hop song did they say was
bigger, hotter, had more downloads and
was #1 on the charts for longer than
‪#‎MARIIA‬ ?”

Common cause among many is that Cal_vin’s jaunt with Cassper Nyovest is the biggest this year. It won song of the year at the recent Zim Hip Hop Awards.

When someone postured that and claimed that the 50k first week downloads for Z’Khupani were a reason for that song to rule the roost, Breezy said:

but we have a data base of more than 50 k @beggoten_sun can confirm. so u are convinced it was a bigger record ?

He did insist that it did not mean his track should have won an award though.

So is Mariia the biggest hip hop track of 2015?  It was monster but was it the top track in 2015? Share your thoughts below.

  • OsKaRR

    Musically Mariia is the bigger track, but when it comes to awards, the musical part of music tends to get thrown out of the window, now it becomes even less about the music if we talk Hip Hop awards, they are about hype mainly which Jnr Brown failed to maintain throughout the year as opposed to Cal_Vin . I would suggest Noble Stylz ft Blacperl – Dai Maiziva, it’s intro is better than most albums out there. if it was about music then that song deserved a nomination.