JJ, Athletes Donate To Harare Children’s Home

Former Big Brother Africa star JJ has made his first appearance in public after a dramatic week.

JJ and athletes at Harare Children's Home

JJ and athletes at Harare Children’s Home

He, along with athletes Itayi Vambe , Ronadhino SithoLe and Ngoni Makusha paid the orphanage a visit to donate some goods.

Says JJ:

We went to Harare Children’s home, we spoke to Mrs Masawi the Superintendent. We took foodstaff and clothes but they are in need of baby cot beds and bedding immediately. They have a total of 81 children, 30 primary, 10 secondary, 21 nursery.

JJ emphasised the need for cots and bedding for the children.

This is me Asking Zimbabweans to look into their hearts and let’s make our home the beauty that it is, help me and the few others make a difference. I may not be financially stable but I am able to use the little name I have to make people aware of the situations that need fixing. Be the difference to make a difference.

Nice one JJ.