Iyasa and Germany’s Strahl collaborate for one night at Theatre In The Park

Bulawayo’s Iyasa and Berlin’s Theater Strahl are set to perform Black and White Ain’t No Colours at Harare’s Theatre in the Park on Saturday.

In the project they ask the audience:

  • What is the meaning of colour? Colours are part of people’s life in every culture. Already new-borns react on different colours, later in life people put meanings in colours for different cultural reasons.
  • Because of the increasing influence of digital media, we lose the sense of what is real: are the colours in a photograph I see real or edited? Does the meaning of things change, when the colour changes?
  • How does it come, that colours are? assigned to different emotions?
  • Is that universal or due to cultural reasons?
  • Inevitably we come to the question of skin colour – how much does this influence our perception of others?
  • How do we talk about the subject?
  • Is there a difference in Zimbabwe and Germany?
  • Why do we define ourselves over the skin colour?
  • Why do we classify ourselves why do we need to make differences?
  • As artists, we do always work with people from all over the world. But it is the point of view of the young audience, that interests us. In the so-called global village, what do the teenagers, growing up with internet and smartphone know of each other?
  • What image do Zimbabwean teens have from Germany and vice versa?
  • Is the question of skin colour still vital for this generation?
  • Is colour a myth?

The project began in April of 2017 with the German team visiting Zimbabwe to do detailed research.

The process of developing the play began, guided by the directress Anna Vera Kelle and Nkululeko Innocent Dube, founder and head of IYASA who is also a composer and choreographer.

It has three German and three Zimbabwean actors

Credits as below:

Director: Anna Vera Kelle
Music & Choreography: Nkululeko Innocent Dube
Stage Design:  Michael Ottopal
Costume:  Lisa-Dorothee Franke
Theatre Pedagogy: Caroline Schließmann
Performed by:  Isheanesu Caroline Dzvairo, Beate Fischer, Newman Trindad Gondwe, Dorcas Ngwenya, Derek Nowak, Raphael Schmischke

Check it out from 6.00pm