It’s a very social album: Stunner on ‘Stray Bullet’

Zimbabwean hip-hop titan and flamboyant rapper Stunner said his fast-approaching album Stray Bullet reflect on social issues.

Speaking to after the successful launch of his new single Vakomana featuring Boom Beto at The Shift event in Meikles Hotel, the star said:

It’s an album basically about being wrongfully accused, being at the wrong place and at the wrong time.It just tells a story, you know. We’ve a lot of people serving sentences in jails for the crimes they didn’t commit.So, it’s a very social album put in an entertaining way, like ,if you don’t think deep into it you probably might miss the message.

The rapper also teased fans on what they can expect from it :

I think this is my best project to date.

On headlining The Shift event  Stunner commented :

The brand is scaling up despite all the negativities and everything all.If the corporate world is still recognizing us then we’re doing something right.

Stray Bullet is due September 7 and it follows up his 2016 album If I Die Tonight ,which featured Jamaican artist Sir Ford. According to the rapper it will be officially launched at the Alliance Francaise.