It’s a collection of experiences – Prayersoul talks about his new album dropping Friday

Neo-soul singer Prayersoul has walked us into his fast-arriving sophomore album While I Was Away, which is due this Friday, 28 April.


In an interview, the Completely hitmaker disclosed that the album contains ten tracks and was co-produced by Zimbabwean and German producers. It features  Reverb 7, Sylent Nqo, Vee Mukarati, Fungai Nengare and other notable bands and musical outfits from Germany.

On what it’s build around Prayersoul enunciated;

The album is basically a collection of all the experiences I had in the last five years, between my first album Prayersoul and this one.I have  tried to put all my life experiences, all the things I’ve seen around me. It’s just musical experimentation.

And speaking of the upcoming launch, which will be hosted at Ora in Hellenvale, this friday, the   singer promised an outstanding performance.

People should expect a great show and great performance at ORA this Friday. Besides the artists, I’ve got everyone who’s featuring on the album performing – Fungai Nengare, Sylent Nqo, Reverb7 and Vee Mukarati. I also got a song that I’ll be releasing in a bit with Chengeto Brown, so she’s gonna be there and we’re gonna do that song as well.So, I’m excited about that.

Answering to the question of if there will be possible tours to promote the album, Prayersoul responded;

Definitely, we’re gonna be promoting the album with a tour.There will be a national one, and then we’re gonna do a few shows in the region. We’ve got shows lined up for Zambia, South Africa, Namibia and then I’m gonna do some overseas tours to really push the album.We’re actually working on finalizing all the dates and venues.We will be announcing [the tour] soon.

While I Was Away will be made available for digital purchases on the singer’s website soon and also in stores as CDs as soon as negotiations with potential distributors are over. For now people can enjoy the new song featuring Reverb7 and Sylent Nqo which is available for free download on his website. Also follow him on his social accounts for latest updates on the launch and tours.