It was a Tuku show – Manuel Bagorro after that Winky D #Hifa2017 moment

First off, for the most it was a largely entertaining show.

Oliver Mtukudzi at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

Oliver Mtukudzi brought on Tariro NeGitare, Taiko from Japan, Mono Mukundu to play with him on his songs.

Tariro NeGitare and Oliver Mtukudzi PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

There was a cringe-worthy moment when he asked his wife to join him on stage… to perform. It’s all very well if it is a party you are invited to, to celebrate a birthday and the host asks him to join him for a dance. For $15, the crowd was not amuse but remained polite, waiting for Winky D.

Then Winky D came on and the crowd went ballistic, rushing to the front of the stage, dancing and waving.

Winky D at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

Two songs later, he was off.

For a show billed, Tuku, Winky D and a couple of friends, the crowd was a bit perplexed with some feeling they were shortchanged.

We caught up with the Harare International Festival of the Arts artistic director Manuel Bagorro who said:

It was an Oliver Mtukudzi show and Winky D was one of the invited friends.

And as for the change in time from the later 10pm and 7pm he simply said:

Tuku had another engagement.

We danced to Tuku’s tunes on the grass at Harare Gardens. It seems we danced to it based on his time either way.

HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

An affable show all the same. But many know what was really expected.

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