About That Isidingo Fire

So it turns out that the set for the popular SABC soap Isidingo were set on fire last night.

The fire burnt down the Henley Park studios of South Africa’s public broadcaster where the set is housed.

Isidingo is a soap that is shown on SABC3 weekdays at 7.30pm.

Now we can imagine that loads of housewives and women who can or cannot get a date will be appalled. They have probably anthropomorphised –  big word there – the fire and it now has a personality. In fact, they will give it a name( Henley will do),  a background and create plot points around it. They will they link it to a character who they think was the bad guy. The always love that part. Having done so, at some point they will fall in love with the fire and justify it. After that they will then reject the fire hoping for the next thing to put their mitts on.

Having done all that, they will come to a point where they realise that the fire died. The fire being dead they are glad it is gone. At the back of their minds though, they still fear the fire will come back. It is somewhere hanging on a proverbial cliff.

Meanwhile, SABC will have to fork out tens of millions of rands to fix the studio in order to prove that it was a real fire.

Don’t worry ladies. The soap is still on.