Is Sniper’s Winky D Moment At Mavado Show The Start Of Beef?

Sniper Storm hauled Wink D off the stage in front of fans after accusing the Bigiman of staying on stage for too long, at Mavado’s show at HICC in Harare.

This may have been true and we think Sniper’s actions had the blessing of the promoters cause why else who he do that? Sure, he will be the fall guy here but what will it mean for Winky D’s increasingly strained relationship with other artists? Also add the fact that our sources say the fight went all out behind stage as the two exchanged blows.

The way we see it, we see it escalating to diss tracks – a welcome addition to the industry – which many believe will be won by the very popular Ninja President. For Sniper on the other hand, just the act alone, tonight, people are talking about him.

As it stands, in the words of Charles Mabika, ‘let’s wait and find out’.

  • Macpinq

    Honestly I think it is dumb of these artist acting an inmature way,looking at our international artist flocking it myt have an effact even though most of us are in favour of the ninja president we shud consider our international reputation ……mavado might avoid some artist wich want to come he will tell them the people did not co-operate they dnt ,the artist dnt even get along well Let’s see what happens to our artist.

    • I am not sure we get your point. Dancehall in Jamaica survives on controversial moments like these

  • Matthew Buff

    This was … er … staged (excuse the pun)

  • Musoja

    Salute the General,its the Stage Manager who told him to go .Winky D is just a gimmick,thats why 90% of his songs are concepts stolen from Jamaican songs,with the hope that we are fools who just skip through music.Sniper has a decade i the Game,he is like Nas and KRS ONE OF DANCEHALL