Intersexions Producer Signs Hollywood Deal

Uzanenkosi Mahlangu the man behind the thought-provoking, award-winning  South African TV series, Intersexions, has just signed a Hollywood deal.

The three-project film deal will include a series called Frikwenci. Mahlangu told Destiny Connect: 

The story is centered around an ensemble cast of DJs who are battling their own demons. We are looking at having real celebrities in the show to give it universal appeal.

The story which took 2 years to conceptualise is now complete and the engaging of an overseas production company can only do wonders for the Mahlangu’s career. The new deal gives him access to markets that African film doesn’t normally get space in.

Intersexions, produced and created by Mahlangu was a joint effort between Curious Pictures, Ants Multimedia and Johns Hopkins Health and Education South Africa. It won 11 SAFTAs and most recently a Peabody award.

We wish him all the best as he helps to bring quality African production front and centre.