Of International Acts And Their Attitude Towards Zimbabwe

Loads of international (read Jamaican) artists have been coming to Zimbabwe since dollarisation. First days people went even if the performance and profile of the artists were sub-par. After all, this stuff hadn’t found its way to our neck of the woods zve.

Now I am not gonna knock anyone for coming here. Let them come in their droves and if people are willing to pay for the entertainment, why not. Of course a lot of the ones that have come have not linked up with local acts but in reality do they have to? That is the promoter’s job and they know how much it costs for appearances and what-not.

My gripe is when they perform, more often than not, they have been, well ordinary. And when I say that I am being generous. I always ask if they would dare to give such a crap performance in a European country. There have been some riveting performances. Cocoa Tee, Sizzla, Capleton and Beenie man come to mind. A lot of the other acts look like they heard that there is free money in Zimbabwe and all they need to do is pitch up.

Granted, Zimbabwe is a difficult market but the locals also applaud a strong effort. It just riles me when they come through and give the sort of act that a primary school in the middle of Dotito would give. Is it that they think we are third-rate citizens and that we will accept anything that we are given? Which leads me to the next point… What levels of performance are the promoters demanding? Or are they putting the shows together kuti vanyenge vasikana (so as to pick up girls)? And even nxa befuna abantwana (if they want to get girls), your chances are increased if you have a really tight product. Girls like success.

Beyond money getting too tight to mention people now want value for money. And being the typical Zimbabweans that they are, they vote with their feet. This is why the numbers going to watch international act is not as strong as before.

As it stands unless something changes, people simply aren’t going to come through. And it is all vested in the attitude