“I left my country with $200 in my pocket” – Vimbai’s story on ‘Veelosophy’

Zimbabwean model, TV show host as well as producer and media entrepreneur Vimbai Mutinhiri has a new project out this coming Monday.

Vimbai Mutinhiri

Called Veelosophy it is a self-produced motivational series that takes us through her journey of inspiration. It is a motivational series based on Vimbai personal experiences and motivated by the premise that “every trial we overcome is a cure for someone else who is fighting it

The path to achieving one’s dreams is seldom an easy one.  There are often setbacks experienced along the way.

In it she is giving the world a never-before-seen insight into her struggles, disappointments and triumphs in her new self-produced series, Veelosophy.

We will be dropping the first episode on Monday on this platform.

Connect and be inspired! Watch a sneak peek of the series below:

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  • TheBlindMouse

    Lol…Whats up with us,Zimbas always telling some BS story when we have finally made it in life..

    • African Critic

      Can you provide 3 examples please? Because most people are usually too embarrassed to talk of periods of suffering in their lives. I am therefore curious as to where you got this idea from