I just want to get my things from Stunner – Olinda

Olinda Chideme is back on Facebook live and she is pretty much done with Stunner… so it seems.

In a video that views has high as 2,000  at certain points she said she wanted to go and collect her things from the matrimonial home and move on.

I just want to go to pack my things and leave. Why should another woman pack my thingsfor me. Can I not have the dignity of collecting what is mine?

She also claimed there was a video shown to her by her son showing Stunner behaving provocatively with the other woman, Dion in a car. The video was apparently dropped on Snapchat.

This is a bit ugly isn’t it?

Some of the comments from those following the video called on her to stop the to-and-fro. Prominent socialite and businesswoman Nomathemba Ndebele:

Honestly Olinda!!! I think you and Stunner need to stop this forthwith!!!! It’s not fair to your children and his!! His career and yours!!! Vanhu vanonetsana but zvenyu izvi it’s too much!!!

Belinda Magejo was a bit different in her approach:

Why are some of you pple mad at Olinda. Let her be. It’s how she choose to deal with it. If you dont like it just don’t watch nhai.