Homosexuality in Zimbabwe: Taboo like the Gay Footballer or Rapper

So yeah we had to talk about this. Some people don’t talk about it.

As a rule there are no gay rappers. There are not gay football players except Justin Fashanu. And that other guy. No that was a retired basketball player.

But everyone kinda knows about that rapper who is a bit suspect. It’s the Luther Vandross effect. Everyone knew but noone said. Diddy, Ludacris, Missy, DaBrat… yeah it is known in the circles but noone says.

In Harare everyone knows about that guy. the one who swings his hip more than the girls. The one who only ever hangs out with the girls as girls and gives you that look in the pub that makes you feel uncomfortable. That one.

And girls you know all about that girl, the one who makes you feel those things. The one who makes you curious. She has swag but then you say, wait a a minute, she has breasts. And yet she is so hot and I am thinking. Wait. You are a good christian girl so you shouldn’t be thinking that but you are. Oh well, as long as noone knows…

Now we on the boat are of the belief that a bloke should always and only end up with a missus in the traditional sense but if someone makes that other choice we don’t really give a toss as long as we don’t have to deal with it.

Am just saying, they exist. Let’s stop kidding ourselves!

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