Hollywood-based Zim Star Jets Into Zimbabwe

Hollywood star Tongayi Chirisa is in Zimbabwe for a few days after jetting in on Tuesday.

Tongayi Chirisa PIC: Fanpix.net  Cindycelebs

Tongayi Chirisa PIC: Fanpix.net Cindycelebs

The actor who stars in the new sitcom The Jim Gaffigan Show currently running on TV Land and Comedy Central will speak at a couple of events on supporting Zimbabweans in their endeavour.

Tongayi Chirisa In New TV Land, Comedy Central Show

Vault Cosmetics’s Jackie Mgido, who is behind the initiative told 3-mob.com that she and Chirisa had always dreamed about making it to Hollywood.

We would speak hours and hours talking about making it here [in Hollywood] and when he came from South Africa.

It has taken him forever and one day we were talking about inspiration and making a difference in Zimbabwe and I decided to bring him to Zim to challenge other companies to uplift our own. We admire everybody else that is not Zimbabwean.

So I told Tongayi that I am going to fly you to Zim and you are going to uplift and challenge companies to support their own.

We want to show people we can work as a team and I basically put my money where my mouth is by bringing him to Zimbabwe.

Kudos to Mgido for this because it is a good look. Zimbabweans especially creatives need all the support they can get and if someone like Chirisa can push this conversation forward it is awesome.