Hoche-Khotshe Projects Teaching Masses To Tell Dynamic Stories

Hoche-Khotshe (HK), a new and dynamic project that will give a voice to communities around the country, was launched on 13th July 2015.


The name Hoche-Khotshe is a conjugation that attempts to link Shona and Ndebele, to convey synergistic linkages formed when individuals, communities, and organisations come together in a spirit of collaboration as one people who have a common destiny.

This is most liberating and empowering as ordinary people realise the power they have as individuals, communities, and country, to determine their destiny.

The aim of the project is to encourage a more consultative and situational approach to enhancing engagement with communities, transfer knowledge more effectively, and secure the critical buy-in.

HK’s approach is to shift focus away from the obsession with party politics to directly empowering Zimbabweans to take charge of their immediate environment, and play a more involved role in civil matters.

The programme is creating content based on stories of typical situations that Zimbabweans experience with regards to Service Delivery, Accountability/Transparency, and Constitutionalism, elements critical to the creation of a truly egalitarian society.

HK is about adaptation: one concept translated into three platforms; theatre, radio, and television. It has started with a 3-month pilot in two provinces: Matabeleland North (Binga, Hwange, Lupane, Jambezi and Tsholotsho districts); and Manicaland (Nyanga, Mutare, Chimanimani and Chipinge).

Thereafter the project will roll out to the rest of Zimbabwe. The writers, actors, and directors are all resident in the two provinces, and will produce docudramas featuring real people dramatising real experiences.

By the time the pilot is completed, at least 54 community artists will have been trained in the disciplines of theatre, radio, and TV drama production; and they will, in turn, train other members of their communities.

In the process, HK is establishing provincial arts hubs in Jotsholo and Chimanimani.

Organizationally, Hoche-Khotshe is a true embodiment of the spirit of collaboration. It is borne out of the collective brain-power of three organisations with a long and solid record of delivering sound, creative industry programmes that include theatre, radio and film, each contributing expertise as follows:

  • Amakhosi Theatre Productions; led by Cont Mhlanga, will have oversight for theatre and radio production.
  •  Rooftop Promotions; led by Daves Guzha, Rooftop will have overall administrative oversight, and also contribute to theatre, radio production and communications.
  • Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust; led by Nigel Munyati, will coordinate film production.

HK is also working in consultation with the Ministry of Sport Arts & Culture, the National Arts Council, and various collaborative partners that include MISA and Chimanimani Arts Festival.

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