Hip-Hop Beef: Did DJ Naida Just Call Out Black Bird?

Black Bird speaks her mind. She has the badges, so we tend to listen to what she has to say.

Dj Naida is skilled on the decks and is about to release her first work as a wordsmith.

Black Bird

The two co-existed in the sphere of hip hop until a clandestine group called Zim Hip-Hop Unleashed released a  list of nominations for their awards ceremony. Naida was on the list and Black Bird wasn’t. In essence that didn’t matter until Black Bird said something about it.

In the Facebook note under the title Zim Hip-Hop Under Attack Part 2 – “Fake Zim Hip Hop Awards”, Black Bird then went all out, calling the awards a ‘f**ing hoax’ and the outfit behind the whole project ‘groupie love’. Ouch!

She also added that the cats behind this, one Prometheus and a Mr C had actually stolen the idea for an awards from her and done it in a sub-standard way. She gives details some of which are pretty much the way people steal ideas – have a conversation, pretend to be working together, then steal the idea and do it yourself. Just for the record, we think they did it but that is just our opinion based on what sources in the industry told us. But we do not claim that to be the outright truth.

The self-styled first lady of Zimbabwean hip-hop then says something that we knew was not going to unnoticed.

Naida commented on her shock on being nominated for BEST FEMALE RAPPER coz she said she has never released anything… By leaving BLACK BIRD out of ur nominations have simply shown how skewed ur awards are…

Dj Naida

Naida then responded

u KNOW y they didn nominate u, coz u refused to have anything to do with zimhiphop unleashed so they probably assumed ud get on thier case for nominating you… I dont think anyone should demand or have to ask for respect or recognition..yo work will speak for you and as far as i kno initially u WERE the face of the first issue of this so called Bogus publication. They chose u first!! U backed out of it right?? … i was nominated under best female astist not rapper and u of all people should kno that Djing is a huge part of the HipHop culture. … Lastly dont tell me and everyone else kuti hatina brain coz we didnt see thru these allegedly bogus awards.. Dont insult people simply becoz u are angry thats messed up on SO many levels. Takadzidza tese.. Jus becoz u been in the game ‘longer’ dont make u any smarter than anyone else. U my girl but some things… no sha….

Now if that isn’t straight beef I don’t know what is.

However reading the context of the note, it seems as if all in all it is targeted at the organisers and the inclusion of other people is incidental. It would however seem as if she might have copped beef with some of the references to other artists and persons. I can see Naida getting upset but I don’t think that Black Bird actually attacks Naida here, but mentions things which in themselves are true.

We can see where Naida could be upset as well, because she might feel uncomfortable with someone claiming leadership of an industry which she is trying to become top of. However she needs to make sure that she is ready to go blow for blow, off the forums but on the mic.

At this point, Black Bird leads the female MC movement, on what she has accomplished, but it seems as if Naida might have something to say about it.

We will be watching