Here are THREE reasons you should be watching Kuda Musasiwa’s TeaTime

A new phenomenon has hit the Zimbabwean Facebook zeitgeist.

Kuda Musasiwa

Hip hop producer Kuda ‘Begotten Sun’ Musasiwa has been doing Facebook Live videos while drinkimg a cuppa tea. In it he speaks about all sorts of things from politics, religion, sex and politically correct culture.

And here are three reasons we think you should be watching it.

It’s in your face and unhinged. It kinda reminds us of the first time that we heard Eminem, say

Hi Kids Do you like violence?

 We had never experienced anything like that before. You’re like,

But what he is saying is real though.

And you feel everything he is saying but you know when you go to church on Sunday or when you are in the office in your job on fast track to who knows where, you want to say all those things. But you read something on that social media should be kept clean because it should.

It challenges what you believe. Musasiwa stands up to conventional wisdom and parroted ideologies asking the difficult questions in the most irreverent manner. The child of a preacher, this must set his parents’ pulses past jog alert. He says things about your religion that have you thinking. And if you are not afraid of having your beliefs challenged then get in. If you are ultra-liberal you will probably get offended on behalf of people who have nothing to do with you.

It is actually entertaining. So you know how you watch The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. They have some real things to say but they are also a good watch.

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  • Chi-ChiManXtRMin8tr

    this facebook live and instagram live got all these niggaz and bitches thinkin they celebrities and talk show hosts. What is this world coming to? This is the worst fuckin thing that ever happened to the internet. God help us all.