Henry Hakulandaba’s Harare skyline pic wins Africa 2016 Photo Award

Zimbabwean photographer Henry Oliver Hakulandaba’s epic skyline picture is one of the winners of this year’s Africa 2016 Photo Competition sponsored by Agility.


The annual contest, now in its second year, is a pan-Africa photography competition focusing on Africa’s rapid modernisation.

This year’s competition drew more than 2,500 photographs from professional and amateur photographers in 30 countries.

The winning images depicted a fisherman in a canoe on Lake Victoria on his laptop, a solar farm in Rwanda powering 15,000 homes, and the skyline of Harare, Zimbabwe.

3-mob.com talked exclusively Hakulandaba:

3-mob.com: So when you took that pic, was it with the intention of winning and award?
HOH: When I took the Harare images it was part of a series of images we have been working on for the past three years and I got an email from a friend in Sudan who pushed me to share my work.

3-mob.com: What did you learn from this picture?
HOH: I learnt a lot… as this particular image has so much feedback from people who say, ‘Oh is this Harare or some city in Europe’.

3-mob.com:  What story did you want to tell with that picture?
HOH: The story has always been about development, potential and moving forward… I am very patriotic and by having an image that gives good vibes helps to give people a positive feedback on their cities be it cleanliness, infrastructural improvement or pride

3-mob.com: Do you believe African photography with positive images is getting recognition or is this a one-off?
HOH: Yes,  a huge improvement…. Digital technology has made us get close as a people and we share much of ourselves visually through facebook, instagram & twitter… So the more we share and improve our visual literacy the better for the continent… That is the reason me and my wife started African Photo Workshops and Africa The Next Image which will be an Online Photography curatorship site for the world to see and believe that we are the future and preservation of our cultural diversity is progress not backward

3-mob.com: What else are you going to be up to after this – besides spending the 2 grand?
HOH: I have been committing myself to learning and teaching more of photography, Africa Photo workshop is a learning and improving platform while Africa The Next Image is about Educating and inspiring. I have been an associate member of Zimbabwe Association of female photographers were i help and mentor beginner female photographers and a trainer with African Center for Photography sponsored by the Goethe Institute in Jo’burg South Africa. As I mentioned Our Photo Curatorship Project will be on the centre of our business when we launch end of October