Former heavyweight champ Joe Frazier dies

Ex heavyweght champion Joe Frazier died monday night after a long illness. He was 67 and had been battling liver cancer for sometime.

Joe Frazier who was also fondly known as “Smoking Joe” became famous as the fighter to give Muhammad Ali (who at the time seemed invincible) his first a taste of defeat in 1971 . He then lost two epic rematches.

The era of Ali-Fraser was the golden age of boxing where boxers were seen as heros, they were larger than life. Boxers captivated the minds of the world by their personalities but more so in the ring. Back then boxers had great pride in their sport and they gave it their all. These days you kind of have the feeling that some boxers are not really interested in staying in the ring for too long.

We respect Joe Frazier for the memories and for his sportmanship, may his soul rest in peace.