Haye-Chisora Perfect For WWE

Frank Warren might as well call himself the Vince MacMahon of boxing.

From that Munich incident to the circus around it. Even the way Warren made it look like the fight would happen against all odds. Then there was the threat from the WBC threat to strip Warren of his license if the fight went ahead.

Did anyone see the comical setup where the press conference had a wire mesh fence in between them as if they were going to have a go at each other? Warren wanted us to believe that it was personal. The same way that Vince MacMahon wants his audience to believe that the beef between [insert WWE wrestler’s name here] and [ditto] is personal.

David Haye versus Dereck Chisora was well choreographed

Th fight came and well, loads of people thought there would be a fight. Our question was always going to be whose career did Warren fancy more? Haye or Chisora?

We felt Chisora was always going to lose this one although not quite as dramatically. Look, as a fight, it was entertaining. They threw punches. They had a go at each other. Dramatically it ended. Chisora was pummeled into submission in that fifth round.

Then they hugged. Do you think they invited each other for dinner?

Just to top it all off, to make sure that this was pure WWE stuff… Now Haye thinks he can have a go at Vitali Klitschko. Calm down Haye.