Harare Turns Up For Zahara Show

Harare turned up, dressed to the nines for South African songstress Zahara’s debut concert in Harare.

In what was a welcome change for the constant barrage of dancehall artists May 7 Entertainment delivered a five-star show which had the right artists to build up to the main attraction.

Zahara only got onto the stage at 1 in the morning but noone was bleating about it. Victor Kunonga, Hope Masike, Willis Wattaffi were among a host of artists who set the tone. Chiwoniso performed just before the main act and she set the place on fire. To be mentioned too were the cameos from rising star Ba Shupi who had the packed auditorium on its feet – including some of our hater friends. When he featured on one of Chiwoniso’s show, it simply confirmed  his status as one to watch for the next couple of years.

Then it was time for Zahara. Let’s put it this way. She has a golden voice. The crowd knew all the words to her songs. This show was always going to be hit and the huge turnout was testament to that. So with such a repertoire she didn’t really have to perform. Don’t get us wrong. She delivered on her reputation. The girl has a beautiful live voice. However, if you were not looking at her, you would not have missed much. And we didnt spend much time looking at her, though she is rather nice to look at.

What I am glad for, is that she came and she was real art. The kind of art that people across the board love. We were seeing all types of people there and the thing the organisers did very well on was security. You did feel safe and that nothing untoward was going to befall you.

Like a friend said, “Probably the best 20 dollars I have spent this year”. And am sure he could think of a bunch of other things he could use a 20 for.


  • Mafikabelibele

    ko, why was CIO guarding this lady Zahara. Is it a new security company we don’t know about?