Harare Declared City Of Drunks

Harare consumes more alcohol than any other city or region in the country.

Delta Beverages, the country’s largest brewer released its financial results and reported that all in all, Zimbabwe consumed 198.1 million hectolitres of lager last year, and 335.4 million hectolitres of masese(opaque/millet beer).

Of the lager 43% of that was consumed in Harare. Bulawayo was a distant second with 11%.

The masese contest was a lot closer with Harare leading on 21% with Masvingo and Mashonaland West on 19% and 18% respectively.

We don’t think we needed Delta to tell us what everyone already knew. If Harare was a human being its liver would be pretty much dead right now. We know of people are probably alcoholics  but noone is calling them out on it. So they function, somewhat, but since there seems to be no problem with their routine they are treated as normal.

This kinda of drinking might become a thing of the past if Health Advisor to the President and Cabinet Dr Timothy Stamps has his way. He wants to clamp down on the drinking culture in his National Alcohol Policy. Among proposed measures will be limits on times when drinking will be allowed, penalising of pedestrians who are get drunk among a few other drastic measures.

Maybe we do need them.

  • ZJC

    Can I ask a question? What are u 3 men doing on the boat anyway? It must be something other than thinking. Harare has the highest population so ofcourse the alcohol drinking will be higher there. The percentages can only be compared if you also check by what percent is the Harare population higher.

    You 3 men should also remember that Harare has much higher income per capita than Bulawayo or any other region. Makadzidza kuzvikoro zvipiko?

    oR maybe your blog is for primary schoolers?

    • Go out a little more in Harare and see the level of alcohol consumption in Harare. It’s easy to sit in an ivory tower and form an opinion. While is home to about 13% of the country’s population, the difference in the level of consumption can surely not be lazily put down to the fact that there are more people in Harare. Harare’s lifestyle encourages binge drinking, and even celebrates it.

      • doro munongotambura naro

        but u seein pple drinkin in harare dont mean they r number one, have u gone out in mutare, and bulawayo on the same night…methodology yenyu yakadhakwa, if anything these numbers show harare has lagest population of economically active persons who have incomes to spend boozin..

        • We have been out in various towns. People in Harare brag about being drunks. Many do not consider it a good night out unless they are wasted. Like we said, while economic difference can be a factor, Harare residence look for any excuse to drink. Go out tonight to various spots and you will find people doing things to their livers/

          • ZJC

            Your replies are now like creche logic my friends. Did all 3 of you get together and come out with this:

            “Go out a little more in Harare and see…”
            “Harare’s lifestyle encourages binge drinking…”
            “We have been out in various towns…”
            “People in Harare brag about being drunks…”
            “Many do not consider it a good night out unless they are wasted”

            Are you aware that opinion is not fact? Your perceptions and assertions are for the 3 of you to share in your boat. You used statistics from delta to draw a conclusion – your interpretation of those numbers was stupid. You saw a 2, and another 2 and said “THE ANSWER IS 4!!” The 2s were not even related guys, there was no addition sign.

            Then you come up with those opinions I quoted above, to try and save your already crumbling argument. Can the 3 of you please your O Level certificates and post them up here? Does anyone have a number for the blog police?

            Maybe can I repeat for you… the statistics you gave from Delta state that Harare consumes the most alcohol in Zimbabwe, full stop. There was no other variable measured: no other demographic or geopolitical data there – yet somehow from that you managed to come up with a dubious characterisation of an entire group of people.

            Kana kuriko kuBlogger kwacho ngakugare

          • You see the world differently and that is alright. Am sure somewhere in between lies the truth.

    • jacobius

      Ana zjc et al hapana kana zvamurikutaura apa. This is simply an article showing distribution ye alcohol consumption based on delta sales records. Nobody is concerned about kuti chii chaita kuti harare inwe doro rakawanda whether its population, income or whatever. Bottom line ndeyekuti harare inonwa kupfuura any other city. Kana wanyanyo batikana either step up on your drinking or join the winning team. You can start your chase ne masese where we only have a lead of 2%

  • Castle Larger baba…

    • Chidhakwa

      • Doro munongotambura naro

        fellas before u make such comments tell us a harare person takes x ltr per day compared to that in town y..otherwise wit the number u hav jus given us we can say its a population and income issue..

  • maxmore

    Drunkards will not enter the Kingdom of God, and Christ so they need to repent like I did I use to be a Chief Drinker a Drunken master I was but the Lord had mercy on me may the Lord God have mercy on this Drunkards and free them from this evil drinking spirit and demon in Jesus name amen.