Harare Declared City Of Drunks

Harare consumes more alcohol than any other city or region in the country.

Delta Beverages, the country’s largest brewer released its financial results and reported that all in all, Zimbabwe consumed 198.1 million hectolitres of lager last year, and 335.4 million hectolitres of masese(opaque/millet beer).

Of the lager 43% of that was consumed in Harare. Bulawayo was a distant second with 11%.

The masese contest was a lot closer with Harare leading on 21% with Masvingo and Mashonaland West on 19% and 18% respectively.

We don’t think we needed Delta to tell us what everyone already knew. If Harare was a human being its liver would be pretty much dead right now. We know of people are probably alcoholics  but noone is calling them out on it. So they function, somewhat, but since there seems to be no problem with their routine they are treated as normal.

This kinda of drinking might become a thing of the past if Health Advisor to the President and Cabinet Dr Timothy Stamps has his way. He wants to clamp down on the drinking culture in his National Alcohol Policy. Among proposed measures will be limits on times when drinking will be allowed, penalising of pedestrians who are get drunk among a few other drastic measures.

Maybe we do need them.

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