Hakeem Craze Grips Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s male participant in this year’s Big Brother The Chase reality TV show is raising pulses among the ladies.

The 22 year-old, full name Munyaradzi Handaza,  built model from Harare was the craze on social media when he joined the house along with Koketso from South Africa.

Munyaradzi Hakeem Mandaza on this years Big Brother The Chase

Munyaradzi Hakeem Mandaza on this years Big Brother The Chase

Munyaradzi Haleem Mandaza is a model in Harare

Munyaradzi Haleem Mandaza is a model in Harare

On why he entered the house:

I like the idea of taking simple and exceptionally talented people like me and thrusting them into stardom. Also, I’m a model and aspiring actor seeking bigger opportunities.

If Hakeem wins Big Brother, he’ll invest in property, pay tithes, go to college, take care of his son and own the biggest model agency in Africa to help open doors for others.

He comes across as well grounded and he doesn’t lack confidence either. His first statement when asked why he thought he would win:

First of all I am Zimbabwean. That’s intimidating enough.

Talk about confidence bordering on arrogance.

On whether he would have sex in the house, he didn’t say no. Am sure the ladies are about to get a bit jealous or think this an opportunity for free porn. Of course their men will not particularly like this

Pokello Nare, a socialite from Harare is the other Zimbabwean in the Big Brother House.

  • Alex Muregi

    He wants to pay tithes and yet will not dismiss the possibility of having sex in the house? Am I the only one seeing the irony here?

  • mhofu

    Wakapusa! Eee ndozvaanoda ka.hausi mwari ende hauzivi mwari akasika iwe uye rwaivhi nezvese.tiri vanhu venyama uye tinoedza kutsvaka humwari asi tinopererwa.Mwari vane nyasha nesu uye vanotida zvakadaro.dont b holier than thee for nothing benzi remunhu!

  • aspiring Hakeem

    what is Regal International? i also want to be a model