Hakeem And Cleo End It After Faking it

Former Big Brother The Chase  Hakeem Mandaza and his kinda Zambian lover Clementine Mulenga have put an end to their thing via posts 0n Facebook.

The pair whose relationships had always felt a bit odd after that awkward moment at the end of the reality TV show. She tried to swerve him but he was in the space, so you know what that is like.

Cleo said she ended things because it wasn’t working well while the Zimbabwean hunk sought comfort in prayer.

Mind you, Spy Ghana says that the pair had been faking the relationship for a while. They posted a conversation they claim to have been between the pair via Whatsapp:

Hakeem and Cleo discuss breaking up

Hakeem and Cleo discuss breaking up – via SPY GHANA

Apparently the relationship ended after it was revealed that Hakeem had had sex with Huddah, another Big Brother The Chase housemate.

Hakeem And Cleo agree to execute the plan

Hakeem And Cleo agree to execute the plan – via SPY GHANA

Whatever it is, the relationship has ended.

So for those women who registered a collective gasp when he first stepped onto the scene on that day, form an orderly queue please.

  • James Ritala

    And Hakeem took screenshots of his whatsapps? Do these fellas think this is California or soemthing where you can fake a relationship and make tons of cash?

    • Who says you can’t?

    • Some1

      YES they CAN!!! You should try it. Business Notion. Everyone needs that paper bra!!

  • kay

    nope, the person who was chatting with Hakeem i.e Cleo took the screenshots or i can say the conversation was taken from Cleos fone becoz Hakeems contacts are saved on this fone hence the name on the chat