How To Get A Guy To Buy You Drinks In A Club

A guy once told me that the problem with Zimbabwean chicks is that they always want to get drinks bought for them. This guy however is a very stingy guy, but when I thought about it for a bit longer I recalled a group of chicks who were well known gold-diggers. These chicks would say to guys who ask for a dance “I will not dance with a guy who has not bought me a drink”.

So as a single girl who is not searching, you might want to get free drinks and not want to be so obvious you are recorded as a gold-digger. This is entrepreneurial clubbing, how to get free drinks without having to return any favour and keep your name clean.

Look gorgeous

This is an important rule to look gorgeous and classy so it does not seem like you are advertising too much of your body to get drinks. Just wear nice decent clothes and a welcoming face to make you approachable. Ditch the moody, frowny and frumpy looking friend that night, they ruin the environment.


The key is to work in teams, have an accomplice with you to boost confidence. Make sure you do not have your cell phone in view as you do not want the guys to ask for your phone number. When they do, just say you left it at home and give a fake number. You should also be approachable and nice, keep conversation to a minimum. Give the person about two minutes to offer you a drink, and move on to the next victim. When you finally get a drink and you want to disappear, create a bogus semi private conversation which means you have to leave, and leave the venue.

Be prepared to not win

Some nights it is possible you will find guys who are not willing to buy drinks and might not be so lucky. It is okay, because you have to remember what you aim to get is a drink and leave the guy. If all methods fail, do not stoop to the level where you have to cheapen yourself for a drink, so carry your own money on a night where the guys do not bite the bait. Remember that this is not exploitation, come on think about it, the aching feet from the high heels and squeezing into those tight clothes deserves a reward.


Miss Robin (The Concrete Jungle Fashionista)