Guluva Se7en talks about new single and missing out on Zim Hip Hop Awards 2016 nominations

Upon releasing his newest single Jackie Chen this week,  we had a chat with the award-winning City Of Kings rhymer Guluva Se7en.

He gave us an exclusive behind the scenes interview where he explained the meaning of his latest offering, absence on Zimhip-hop Awards nominations and prospectus plans.Enjoy.

Congratulations for finally dropping your long-awaited single Jackie Chen.

Dankie fam.I’m glad you  liked it.

Sure I do.What are you talking about though in the new single ? We all know Jackie Chan as a Chinese  martial artist. Can you explain the significance.

We all know Jackie was a drunken master. If one listens to the lyrics carefully I’m talking about those people that becomes violent after a couple of drinks and since we are walking right into a drinking season.My people gotta drink and still be responsible. Don’t be a Jackie Chen.

Awe. The concept is so great. Yet at the end you mentioned something to do with awards. Mind shedding more light on that?

That was Jackie Chan talking to me (laughs). We happened to be in the same building turning up and he tells me he will F  me up for writing about him.Just co’s  I have won awards don’t mean I  can write about him hence the foetsek.

And being one of the hottest emcees in the country,  what does the ZiHHA snub means to you?

Well for me I’m a G  man.I didn’t submit any material this year co’s  I  had released nothing in 2016. I was still enjoying the wave ride off my debut Colour Of Dreams. That’s still doing well on radios.

Now that we have come to the end of another year, what’s your next step ?

2016 was my learning year I  guess since I won the Best Newcomer of the year at the ZHHA.So its woza a brighter 2017 for me and my fans. I promise a even better Guluva se7en .

Appreciated. Where can your fans get your new single Jackie Chen and should they expect any video anytime soon?

You can get it on youtube or soundcloud.The links are on my facebook and twitter TL @GuluvaSe7en. We working on a concept with the team to be shot soon.

Thank you so much for your time star.Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Thank you for the platform fam. Happy happy to you too remember to drink responsibly and not to be Jackie Chen this festive.