A Girl’s Guide To Dealing With Staring Men In The Club

I learnt at a boys-only school which was only Co-educational for A’level students. The ration however meant boys in my class were double the amount of girls. This trained me to deal with ogling men in the club scene.

The boys would make a “tunnel” and literally strip the girls naked with their eyes. So when you are out at night in Zimbabwe, those ogling boys have now become men. They can really ruin a night out with the “thirsty vibe”, so this is how you cope in the different scenarios.

Walking to and from the bathroom

On your way to and from a bathroom, you might find that a runway has been made for full exposure. This is a scenario best known for tripping, falling or embarrassing clothing. So look down, make no eye contact, walk carefully and make sure you do not have a tissue following your shoe. The last thing you should do is to make the men think you are actually affected by the stares.

In the parking lot

Usually as you arrive at a place or when you are coming from your mode of transportation, some guys only in a car decide to shout praises to a girl in the parking lot. The best way to cope is to not really give them any attention. What I do instead (when I know the guys are not going to talk to me) is to turn into Sasha Fierce. All of a sudden I start a Sasha Fierce walk and flicking my hair like I am on a catwalk. This moment of vanity and giving them a show, is only when you know you have a “bodyguard” to scare the guys away.

The best way to cope is to pretend as though they are invisible and their stares mean nothing to you. A best-friend is also a valuable asset as having an unaffected conversation with them as you ignore makes it so much better. Remember never to give them the satisfaction that their stares got your attention.

The main key is to keep calm and even though your heart may be beating really fast, if you give in to your fear, it could all fall apart.


Miss Chaibvaness ( Twitter: @TatRobin; http://tatendarobyn.wordpress.com )


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