Fusion Cafe Bar’s All Black Everything 2.0: A Hint of Class

Girls in their little black numbers everywhere. And I mean everywhere. And as for the guys, well some with bits of black and some with their skin colour being the only black they had.

So P Styles and Bass rolled out the carpet for a highly successful event at the up-market Fusion Cafe Bar at the racecourse. The place re-opened a few weeks ago to fanfare and the new set-up has a distinct improvement.

First and foremost the placement of the DJ’s in the stands above the entrance to the club is a major coup because it not only gives a natural elevation for the DJ, but it extends the dance floor space. The impressive investment in sound means it really matter where you are because you still get the same banging sensation.

Now the party atmosphere itself seems to be split into 3 sections.

There is the reserved section where you have to pay an extra $20 to get into.  They call it VIP but I didn’t see any complimentary drinks being offered so we will refer to it as a reserved section. In there they have custom seats which the owners had made especially for that section. It is generally for the well-heeled and their hangers-on as well as ballers.

Across from there are those who not quite rich but not poor either. Some are the rich who don’t want to be burdened with the baller tag while others are people who simply wouldn’t pay the extra to sit in the reserved area. The seats in that section, while un-special are adequate.

Finally, on the inside there is the rest of the crew. It is a mixture of those who want to be seen among the humble and and the humble. Warning though. It does get stuffy and at some point sweat from over-enthusiastic, ecstatic merrymakers stinks up the air.

While the experience as a whole was entrancing for many, one of the things I found myself critical of was the lack of assortment of alcohol (especially beers) that was for sale. Also the floor on the inside was dirty by 2am and not much cleaning was taking place. Then around 3 because they were no longer charging for access, they abandoned the reserved section and the experience was lost.

Also the bar sections look like they are an afterthought, just thrown together with very little care for style.

Meanwhile, Sean Kingston’s hype man passed through and he was forgettable. Raydizz did a set but Styles and Bass generally maintained the right balance throughout the night.

All in all while I am not inclined to give Fusion a gold standard, it has a lot of the right effort. You get a good idea of what they are trying to come up with and an effort is being made to get there.

  • slickytang

    Was there on saturday,and loved wat they did to the joint.though i knocked out sometym durin da evenin…and those ‘standard’ black outfits da chics were wearin are totally sexy.will definately be visitin there soon.